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About Us

Compressed Air Consultants (CAC) was founded in 1994 as a part time business serving the needs of customers in South Florida.  In 2003, it became a full blown business when Paul Edwards left Ingersoll Rand and joined forces with Mike Lenti.  Both principals of the company have unique backgrounds which combine to give a unique understanding on the process of air system improvements.

Mike Lenti started with Spring Industries as an electrical engineer and quickly rose to be the Director of Energy with responsibility for over 50,000 hp of compressors including centrifugal, dry screw and rotary screw.  Energy was a major component of the cost of textiles and compressed air was a major component of the energy cost.  Hence, it became clear to Mike that understanding compressed air was critical to reducing the operating cost for his company.  And master it he did.  Mike learned quite a bit from the manufacturers and even challenged some of the existing dogma of the day with regards to compressed air in textiles.  He learned so much about air that he eventually was hired by Duke Energy/Duke Solutions as a compressed air auditor.  There he audited compressed air systems primarily in the US for cost reductions with a special focus on energy.

Paul Edwards started with Ingersoll Rand in 1982 and held several positions primarily in the field until 1997.  In 1997, he was brought to the headquarters to act as Ingersoll Rand’s rotary screw product manager which eventually morphed into being the global product manager for rotary screws.  In 1999, Ingersoll promoted him to the North American marketing manager.  In 2001 he was again promoted and became one of two individuals responsible for starting up Ingersoll Rand’s fledgling audit business when IR bought Plant Air Technologies.  That audit business actually meant that overnight, Ingersoll Rand became the largest audit organization in North America with roughly 40 auditors.  On the particularly difficult jobs, Ingersoll was forced to farm out some of the work as their crop of high skill auditors was limited.  It was then that Paul came to the conclusion that Mike was one of the most talented auditors in the country.  So when he departed Ingersoll Rand to start up an independent audit company, he immediately went to Mike and started working together.

The value in this partnership as in any partnership is that the two partners complement each other.  Mike has a profound knowledge base on the technical side, the utility side and how projects happen.  Paul has a deep and wide understanding of how the compressor business technically but also how the compressor companies think and operate.  The combination of their backgrounds means that they know how to create projects with the highest ROI by reducing cost at minimal capital with much of the capital reduction related to either designing new equipment out of the design and creating dogfights between manufacturers for whatever equipment is required.

Since the re-founding of the business, they have focused on how to take clients to the next level when it comes to compressed air costs.  This includes refinement of supply side controls, development of methods for demand side reductions, extension of lubricant life, and sustaining services.

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