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“CAC has consistently proven to be thorough in both the supply & demand side of larger complicated compressed air systems, and their reports are precise and detailed, with clear scopes of work and estimated installation costs; their detailed engineering is comprehensive, and the whole package facilitates implementation and optimization of energy efficiency performance.” VP of Energy Services Company
“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on compressed air.” Production Manager

“CAC, even though they have Consultants in their name, do not act like stereotypical consultants.

“A stereotypical consultant will do a cursory survey on your plant and demonstrate very little knowledge of your technology and applications, tell you what you already know and provide a glossy report full of buzz-words but very little substance.

“CAC’s associates walk every inch of the plant, get dirty and find just about every user and supplier of compressed air. They clearly know their business and all of the technologies involved, and take time in educating the plant personnel. They also provide a comprehensive report written in plain English with action items that are economically feasible and will benefit the plant.

“Having used them to survey all of our facilities I would highly recommend using them for surveying your compressed air systems. We have already realized benefits in the year following the surveys and expect to see more once capital improvement projects run their course – Corporate Engineer

These guys are way ahead of the curve in that you hold the main objective in front of the client at all times…… “It’s About Money, Not About Air”

Second your people that present them selves well, and are willing to work hard to accomplish the goals. To know someone is putting in the additional time at the end of the day to complete the task suggests that they are goal oriented not just drawing time for money.

Third the presentation is clear and decisive. It is presented very well and it makes a full circle, to show the money end savings, which substantiates all efforts and allocated budgets in industry.

Fourth, the guys never are intrusive to the operation of the plant, or impede on existing efforts, in order to accomplish their tasks. This reduction of liability is something that is very important in allowing a group of engineers to function autonomously in a plant environment. This is necessary for your work! I have seen groups you would not trust to set free in the plant.

Each person in the group is a specialist in his field of knowledge and is focused on that area to enhance the plant in that area. As a Plant Engineer, the directed additional support is always welcome. Only good can come of it. I am the first to welcome the specialist who can focus in, on areas that are for the most part, just too time consuming, and above my knowledge level in a specific field on knowledge, for me to address. The years of experience in your field of expertise, provides insight uncommon with engineers not in that specialty. In closing, you have made a friend that values your services, and looks forward to working with you (Plant Engineer)

I’ve dealt with a bunch of “compressor experts” in my life, some good and some not so good. Your team is as good as I’ve seen in any field. We especially appreciate how hard you work not to sell us equipment or promote brands or products.” Plant Manager
“Paul and his colleagues at Compressed Air Consultants consistently provide world-class service. They provide comprehensive, objective analysis of compressed air systems with detailed, easy to follow recommendations.” Utility Account Executive
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